Role of Iran in the biggest exhibition of the Plastics and Rubber in the world: K2016

Iranpolymer- This year, the number of requests for attending in K2016 exhibition have improved by Iranian companies”. Niloofar Pankar, Board of director manager of Fujan Rahbaran Aati Company, said. She said that 17 Iranian companies have registered until now. Of course, some other Iranian companies have put in reservation list because capacity of K2016 exhibition is limited and reserved soon by other applicants.

On the whole, attending of these Iranian companies are definite in K2016 exhibition:


·         Abadan petrochemical company

·         Bakhtar petrochemical company

·         Ghadir petrochemical company

·         Jam petrochemical company

·         Jam Polypropylene company

·         Lunafam company

·         Masoom granule company

·         Petrochemical commercial company

·         Polynar petrochemical company

·         Tabriz petrochemical company



Of course some of the affiliated companies that is related to Petrochemical commercial company such as: Amirkabir petrochemical and Shazand petrochemical, will be attended in K2016 exhibition.

Shahdaee, Iran petroleum minister assistant and director general of National Petrochemical Company of Iran, will be attended in K2016 exhibition, so it has been specified one day to “Iran day” in K2016 exhibition.




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