Visit of 9 business groups from 11th Iranplast exhibition

One of the most important target of Iranplast exhibition is to improve the level of foreign cooperation with Iranian businessman in plastic and petrochemical industries.
Now approximately 9 business groups from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Kurdistan of Iraq, India, Oman, Armenia, Ukraine and Georgia are coming to the 11th Iranplast exhibition. Also about 10 manager of International Plastic and polymer exhibition will attend in 11th Iranplast exhibition, especially manager of K exhibition (from Germany), Afghanplast, Arabpalst, Milan, southern Africa, Myanmar, Vietnam, Kenya and Sri Lanka. Also many foreign visitors informed their attendance in 11th Iranplast exhibition, especially from: Sri Lanka, Germany, Serbia, Romania, France, Kenya, Greece, Emirate, Canada, Syria, Malaysia, Turkey, Slovakia and Azerbaijan countries.

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