Logistics: “Putin-free” route from China to Europe sought

Baspar / Iranpolymer Despite the years of activity on the New Silk Road, the rigor of the political repression systems in China and Russia has not changed. European logistics groups in particular are therefore eager to look for alternative and “Putin-free” routes for the currently frowned upon northern corridor of the Silk Road. A route for the transport of goods from east to west leads through the so-called middle corridor – from China via Kazakhstan, Georgia and Turkey to Romania. Never before have companies from the west put more hard currency into the expansion of the infrastructure than they are currently doing: gravel roads are being turned into veritable roads, fishing ports into container terminals. 

However, experts rule out the possibility that this route, even if it were to be expanded at some point, could develop into a real danger for the current transit through Russia. The middle corridor is not only longer and crosses more borders (with correspondingly lengthy controls on the goods being transported), but it does not even begin to have the same capacity as its northern counterpart. According to statements by logistics professionals, there is a factor of 10 between the two corridors in terms of capacity.

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