LANXESS: Colorant microgranules to be demonstrated at “K 2016”

The Rhein Chemie Additives (ADD) business unit of plastics and rubber specialist Lanxess is exhibiting its organic “Macrolex Gran” colorants for amorphous and semicrystalline plastics at “K 2016” , held in Düsseldorf / Germany from 19 to 26 October. The performance of the microgranule materials compares with powders and compact granules thanks to their dispersion and processing properties and safe handling, the company said.

“Macrolex” 0.3mm diameter microgranules consist of spheres that can be easily crushed, bringing even distribution of their content for efficient incorporation into the plastic. Dust development in the processing of the colorant is much lower with powders, bringing a reduced risk of dust explosion and reduced cleaning and safety expenditure, Lanxess added. The products are used primarily in processing extrusion and injection moulding. The colorants are soluble in organic solvents and are suitable for colouring amorphous and semicrystalline plastics including PS, PET, PC, ABS and PMMA.



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