Engineering thermoplastics: Little price movement in November

Baspar / Iranpolymer With a few exceptions, there was hardly any movement in the listings for engineering thermoplastics in November. The main reason for this was the compound prices that were often fixed for the quarter. The producers deal intensively with the higher costs for energy and transport and their pricing, but this rarely succeeded. A large supplier made demands in the high three-digit range, but had to take them back quite quickly because the processors did not want to get involved.

The sometimes very high demands of the producers will probably be partially implemented in December, but the majority of the surcharges will only come with the negotiations for the first quarter. Strong buoyancy is likely to be seen in flame-retardant and reinforced materials, and PA 6.6 and PBT compounds, which are plagued by problems in the preliminary product line, are likely to be confronted with it.

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