China: Good offer depresses prices for standard thermoplastics

Baspar / Iran polymer The prices of most standard thermoplastics in the Chinese market fell in April in light of the trend towards market length. The polypropylene market in particular was characterized by oversupply. Two new plants went into operation in the month under review. In addition, the import volumes remained at a high level. However, the availability of PVC is and will remain limited. The prices for carbide-based grades therefore rose slightly compared to March. Impact-resistant polystyrene was still in demand, so prices in this segment also rose.

In May, the prices for polyethylene, PP and PS are expected to fall further due to the likely increase in supply. The situation on the PVC and PET markets is less certain. Inventories, new capacities as well as unforeseen shutdowns and the development of the primary product markets will be decisive for the further price development.

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